Long Term Planning Associates, LLC

Rachel Faiga, Founder

Rachel Faiga, a pioneer in Long-Term Care Insurance, has worked exclusively in the field for 25 years. Today, Rachel is a nationally recognized leader in the business. Her goal is to help clients find the solution most appropriate for their unique situation.

Rachel’s approach is an educational one. Education is a critical step in making a good decision about something as important as Long-Term Care Insurance. She meets her clients’ needs by providing that important education, and then working to design a plan, based on what really matters to them.

Rachel Faiga

Rachel currently has many clients on claim. Her role as an advisor, hand holder, coordinator and confidant, during that difficult period, is her commitment to her clients from day one. Over the years, servicing her clients has helped her understand where Long-Term Care Insurance can make a difference. Rachel has learned, from experience, what aspects of Long-Term Care Insurance are most valuable. This guides her as she helps her clients through the decision-making process. She has seen firsthand, time and time again, what a long-term care crisis can do to families.

In addition to helping thousands of individual families over the years define their needs for long-term care and do the appropriate planning, Rachel, and her firm, Long-Term Planning Associates, LLC, have been selected by leading educational institutions, major hospitals, nursing homes, and corporations, to offer Long-Term Care Insurance to their employees and members. The combination of education and customized plans, without pressure to purchase any product, is key to their offerings.


  • CLTC (Certified in Long-Term Care)
  • LTCP (Long-Term Care Professional)
  • CSA (Certified Senior Advisor)
  • Connecticut Partnership certified
  • New York Partnership certified
  • National Long-Term care Insurance Sales Top 100 Nationwide, Sales Strategies Magazine, 2003
  • #5 Nationwide LTC Insurance Producer, American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, 2006
  • #1 Connecticut LTC Insurance Producer, American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, 2006
  • Golden Harvest Award, 2002
  • AIMS America’s Top LTC Producer, 2002


  • CA, CT, FL, IL, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, SC, VT

Laurie Sappern Gaugler

The long-term care world is complex and constantly changing. Laurie’s sole focus is long-term care insurance planning. Consistent with one of the keystones of Long-Term Planning Associates, LLC, her first objective when working with a client is to provide education about long-term care, and how services can be funded, in the event they are ever needed. Long-term care insurance is not appropriate for everyone. Laurie helps her clients ask themselves the right questions, as they become more knowledgeable and able to make informed decisions.

Laurie combines her knowledge of the many long-term care insurance offerings in the marketplace, with her client’s needs, in order to create a plan design. The goal is to achieve the peace of mind that comes from finding a solution that will support a client’s needs in the future, when it really counts, balanced with a premium that is affordable.

Laurie Sappern Gaugler

The foundation of Laurie’s career is to do what is right for the customer. Business relationships are built on trust and excellence in customer service. Over the years she has proven her dedication and capabilities on both fronts. Prior to joining Long-Term Planning Associates, LLC, Laurie spent 15 years with IBM, working with large corporations to successfully establish and build client relationships. She left IBM to raise her young children full-time, and at that point her family encountered its own long-term care challenges. Later Laurie was able to bring to Long-Term Planning Associates, LLC, a combined perspective gained from those family challenges and her passion for client satisfaction.


  • Connecticut Partnership certified
  • New York Partnership certified
  • MBA, New York University
  • BS, Duke University


  • National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
  • American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance


  • CT, MA, NY

Philanthropic and Volunteer Activities

  • Chair, Visual Impairment Station, Burr Diversity Day, 2005 – 2007
  • Chair, Fashion Show for Charity, Fairfield Beach Club, 2005 – 2006

Client Support:

Beata Everett - Office Manager

Rita Weinstein - Assistant to Laurie Gaugler